No two legal battles are the same. It is for this reason that you must be adequately informed about the services offered by the various law firms in your area to find the right specialist for your case. This is why we have compiled a list of the various law firms operating in the Montreal area in order to guide you towards lawyers practicing in the field required for your legal problem!


Criminal lawyer vs. lawyer in civil law: The distinctions of their practice!


Hire the right law expert for your criminal or civil case by comparing partner lawyers of our network.


In a trial, the criminal lawyer deals with a much higher burden of proof than the civil lawyer; the accused must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This same burden of proof rests on the shoulders of the crown prosecutor who will have to convince a judge or a jury according to the same level of conviction.

Is the burden of proof in criminal law the same for all types of crimes and offenses? Absolutely! Whether you are charged with theft or murder, a criminal conviction will only be imposed if the judge has been satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of the guilt of the accused.

What is the difference at the level of a civil case trial? In a trial between two individuals that is called “litigation”, it is one that alleges a right or the violation of a right that bears the burden of proof. For example, whoever claims that a contract has been violated will have to prove that violation.

However, the burden of proof in a civil trial is much lower! Indeed, the plaintiff (the one who brings the lawsuit) will only have to provide proof according to the balance of probabilities. In other words, his claim will have to be more likely than not in the eyes of the judge for him to succeed. Obviously, the defendant has the right to defend himself and to present his own evidence.

Due to these considerable differences, most lawyers adopt a specialized practice in either criminal or civil law. In either case, Compare Lawyers can refer you to them with just a few clicks!


The services of a business lawyer in Montreal!

Law and business have never worked together so closely together as they do today. Both large companies and SMEs deal with lawyers for legal advice. But how are lawyers able to advise business leaders? In many ways, including these!

It all starts with the incorporation and registration of the business. Start-up businesses have their share of legal formalities to complete before they can begin operations. Every business must be duly registered in the Business Register so that its relevant information is accessible to everyone.

The lawyer will then be the adviser on the structure that the company will adopt! Several legal vehicles are available to entrepreneurs to operate their business and it will be up to the business lawyer to advise entrepreneurs on this matter. While incorporation for the purpose of creating a corporation is a popular choice, there are other great alternatives!

Once the business is up and running, the lawyer doesn’t disappear so quickly! He remains a close associate of the leaders as a legal and strategic advisor. When the business takes the form of a corporation, legal and administrative requirements are imposed by law.

It is essential to follow these formalities in order to respect the rights of shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders involved. The only way to be sure is to seek the services of a lawyer in Montreal!


Montreal lawyers and firms have different specializations in law.


The different firms and their areas of practice

Even though the major firms in the metropolis all compete for the largest clients in the business world to offer their legal services, each of them has a larger area of practice than the others. See for yourself what sets the best lawyers in the Montreal area apart!



Lavery has distinguished itself by appearing, year after year, among the luminaries of the world of Quebec law. Indeed, being one of the largest firms in the province, their practice spans the world of real estate, copyright, securities, information technology, and even family law!

They are, therefore, just as qualified to settle a divorce as they are to undertake a business merger. The company guarantees professionalism, but above all of competence, as well as versatility in its services.

You can’t go wrong by hiring a lawyer from Lavery!



An underdog in the industry in the past, the Langlois law firm has managed to rise among the ranks in the field of law. However, being a medium-sized firm that only works in Montreal and Quebec, the quality of their services clearly compensates for the size of their team.

In addition, this firm offers one of the best customer services in the industry in Quebec according to customer satisfaction reports. This makes Langlois lawyers the best to consult for your legal problems and at the best price.


Borden Ladner Gervais

Frequently referred to as “BLG”, Borden Ladner Gervais is the largest law firm in Canada. So you will have guessed that their area of practice is second to none and that they are able to resolve just about any type of dispute in the legal arena.

What makes BLG the most important law firm in the country is its transnational competence. Having partners in Latin America, China, and other parts of Asia, their lawyers are able to assist clients with interests in these parts of the world.

This does not mean that their services are inaccessible to individuals! The field of family law is far from foreign to the experts at BLG, as it is for insurance and civil liability law.


Law firms in Montreal come in different sizes and specializations.


DeGrandpré Chait

Calling itself a medium-sized firm, De Granpré Chait works in 3 major sectors of Quebec law, namely real estate law, business law, and litigation. They assist entrepreneurs and individuals alike in concluding large-scale real estate transactions and resolving contentious construction issues.

When it comes to personal disputes, they will be able to help you if your dispute revolves around insolvency, labor, or civil liability.



Fasken has been one of the country’s largest law firms in the last few years. Located in the cities of Toronto and Montreal as well as other major cities of Canada, their Canadian omnipresence makes them a firm both prestigious and accessible.

In addition to being voted Mining Law Firm of the Year, Fasken has distinguished itself in complex areas of practice such as antitrust, competition, and venture capital.  It is, therefore, of immeasurable help to businesses in the metropolis, in addition to offering advice in areas such as estate planning and human rights.


Stikeman Elliot

Founded in Montreal, Stikeman Eliot stands out from the competition due to the range of services it offers in business law. Their lawyers are trained in all areas relevant to the improvement and retention of large businesses, including banking and financial law, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, and the securities market.

Such areas require cutting-edge expertise that the lawyers at Stikeman Elliot are able to offer.


BCF Business Lawyers

Like its predecessor, BCF Business Lawyers is the firm of choice for all matters relating to business law. The analysis of business contracts, shareholder agreements, and entry into the stock market- all these areas hold no secrets for BCF lawyers. Businesses large and small are welcome so don’t hesitate to contact them!


Montreal Legal Aid

Now that we have introduced the best players in the law industry, it’s time to move on to the discussion of the reality of it- attorney fees are expensive! This no-nonsense understatement is certainly no surprise to anyone reading these lines. What might turn out to be some eye-opener, however, is that legal advice does exist at a low cost.

Moreover, it was to meet the needs of the less well-off that Montreal / Laval legal aid was created. However, you must qualify for the annual income scales to apply. To this end, the community legal center of Montreal has established the parameters to be eligible.

For example, a single person must earn less than $21,840 per year to be eligible for free legal assistance while an adult with two or more children must earn less than $28,525 annually. Other scales are available on the site, thus taking into account the various family situations that exist in Quebec.

After the free admission scales come the eligibility scales with contribution. The person seeking legal aid will have to pay a contribution proportional to the amount of his salary that exceeds the eligibility threshold. This contribution increases in increments of $100, and the “with contribution” scales are the same as those which are free.

To check if your salary makes you eligible for legal aid, free or with contribution, you can always check their website to see if your personal situation puts you in one of the eligibility scales!

Either way, you know you have a viable option with this resource made available to less fortunate citizens!


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