Quebec City is full of competent law firms, each with their own area of expertise and specializations. This is why you owe it to yourself to know the best ones in Quebec City in order to find the right firm when the time comes. To give you a head start, we have listed the major law firms working in the old capital!


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How to choose your lawyer in Quebec

Choosing a lawyer is a very personal and practical process. The first refers, above all, to the relationship of trust that must exist between you and your lawyer when handing your case to him. As he has access to confidential information and you entrust the fate of your case in his hands, you need to have trust in him.

Be aware, however, that the relationship between you and your lawyer is covered by professional secrecy. Thus, any confidential information that you reveal to your lawyer is covered by this secrecy and the latter is not only not obliged to confidentiality, he also cannot be compelled to break it.

Thus, the choice of lawyer should be based on the area of ​​practice. It is wrong to claim that lawyers practice in all fields just because they are members of the bar. The vast majority of them specialize in just one or a few areas in order to be an expert in their chosen field.

Then comes the question of fees! Lawyers are highly-qualified professionals who are held in high regard. For this reason, their fees can be expensive depending on their level of experience. Be aware that the intrinsic complexity of a case can also make it expensive to resolve.

However, in an effort to widen the doors of justice to as many people as possible, the government has established a legal aid system. This allows less fortunate people to receive free or partially paid legal assistance provided they are eligible.


Frequently asked questions about lawyers in Quebec

Only a few people have experienced dealing with lawyers in their lifetime, and for many, the legal expertise of lawyers remains a mystery. Having a large network of lawyers in Quebec City and elsewhere in the province, we highlight just for you the main questions addressed to lawyers!

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Is going to court the only option?

Far from it!  Oftentimes, it is in the interest of the parties involved to prevent the conflict from escalating to the point of ending up in court! Why? Because it involves interminable delays, and considerable legal and extrajudicial costs. Fortunately, alternatives exist with private dispute resolution tools such as mediation and arbitration.


How do lawyers bill their fees?

Lawyers are free to set their fees as they wish, respecting only criteria of proportionality and fairness depending on the complexity of the case. It is, therefore, important to ask your future lawyer how he charges for his services and how much he believes the total bill will be.


Is there a difference between being accused in civil or in criminal matters?

Absolutely! In civil litigation, we see the opposition of two individuals arguing over a matter of private law. They are free to settle their dispute out of court among themselves or even in court. In contrast, criminal charges are those that the crown prosecutor brings against an individual when an offense or criminal act has been committed.

In the latter case, the possibilities for negotiation are slim and the consequences of a conviction are more serious when the facts are proven beyond a reasonable doubt.


What is the difference between a notary and a lawyer?

In terms of similarities, let us mention that the notary and the lawyer are both lawyers with similar training. However, they each have exclusive skills. For the lawyer, this is the right to represent clients in court for a contentious case, that is, a case of conflict between the parties. For the notary, his exclusive competence is that of drafting authentic acts (ex: notarial will) and exercising the powers of a public official.


Norton Rose Fulbright

More than 620 employees work for the Norton Rose Fulbright law firm in the province of Quebec. Part of this large team offers its services in Quebec City since this firm is located in the heart of Boulevard Laurier in Sainte-Foy.

Norton Rose Fullbright offers a diverse array of services. We are talking about intellectual property law, business law, competition and labor law. They are, therefore, important players in the highest spheres of law.

However, do not think that their services are reserved for the elite! This firm also offers a legal accessibility program and a pro bono program which allows less fortunate clients to access legal services.



Lavery is among the “top 3” largest law firms in Quebec, employing more than 500 lawyers across the province. As for their team in Quebec City, the latter offers legal assistance in a multitude of areas that will meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

  • Intellectual property
  • Commercial disputes
  • Capital risk
  • Family law
  • Education law

These are just a few examples of the type of services you can expect to receive at Lavery! As you can see, their field of expertise is varied and they focus on several areas of law! Their office is located in Grande-Allée in Quebec!


BCF Business Lawyers

BCF stands out from the competition by opting for a specialized approach to law. As their name suggests, business law is their area of expertise and they excel in it like no one else can.

Here we are talking about a unique expertise in mergers and acquisitions, major commercial and corporate litigation, corporate finance, and real estate development. While such services are aimed less at individuals, they will certainly find buyers with seasoned entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.


Law firms have areas of specialization to meet targeted clientele such as companies and businesses.


Cain Lamarre

Located in Grande-Allée, Cain Lamarre’s team of lawyers is more than qualified to take on any type of projects, dispute, or legal proceeding. Their long experience and vast expertise has been proven over time.

Their lawyers can help you resolve administrative, immigration, real estate, insurance, business or transportation law issues. They can even assist you with criminal matters, providing you with the right legal help!

In addition to having numerous offices in many of the largest cities in the province, Cain Lamarre helps all types of clients. You will therefore be welcomed with open arms, whatever your problem or situation!



Just like firms working in the “major leagues” of Quebec law, Langlois lawyers offer legal representation services in just about all of the major areas of practice. From administrative law to aboriginal law, including health law, there is hardly a dispute that the lawyers at Langlois cannot resolve.

By the way, if you want to avoid going through with your dispute, you can opt for dispute resolution services. Thus, your lawyer will do everything in his power to reach an out-of-court agreement with the opposing party. It is also common practice due to the complexity of the cases brought to court.


McCarthy Thétrault

McCarthy Thérault is another renowned law firm in the province of Quebec. Their services are aimed at both businesses and individuals. Indeed, their lawyers specialize in the management of commercial transactions, litigation and class actions, business management, and human resources.

Their commitment to social issues stands out among the firms in Quebec City! This firm devotes part of its efforts to helping people caught in disputes surrounding labor law, human rights, and pay equity in the workplace.

More than just a lawyer, you will find an ally who will fight for you until the end at McCarthy Thétrault.



What sets Morency apart from the competition is its expertise in international law. In fact, being the one and only Quebec law firm affiliated with Globalaw, lawyers at Morency have access to global expertise and has the chance to work with lawyers from different cultures.

In addition to this specialization, their lawyers are also trained in Quebec civil law and are more than capable in dealing with disputes regarding labor law, real estate law, or any other legal problem that may confront you in life.

They are not difficult to find since their office is located at the entrance to the city in Boulevard Laurier.


GBV Lawyers

GBV Lawyers, located at the entrance to the bridges in Boulevard Laurier, focuses its practice in areas such as labor law, construction, real estate law and banking law.  Furthermore, they have several lawyers in their employ who are experts in dispute resolution (out-of-court settlements) as well as in advocacy. In this sense, your interests are protected, whatever the outcome of your legal dispute.

In fact, by doing business with them, you will automatically be redirected to lawyers who specialize in the type of case you bring them. While GBV only has two offices across the province, their size does diminish their competence. Several of their lawyers have won “Best Lawyer in Canada” or “Lawyer of the year” distinctions on several occasions. You are in good hands at GBV, there is no doubt about it!


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Cabinet Guy Bertrand Inc.

A handful of lawyers are busy settling problems of all kinds at Guy Bertrand Inc. Located on Grande-Allée Ouest, this firm is able to settle disputes in all areas of law, especially disputes in civil liability, medical mistake, and wrongful dismissal.

These are also types of disputes that require very refined expertise as the cases are complex and extremely nuanced on one side or the other. For litigation surrounding medical errors, you will need to find numerous medical experts to support your case with all the relevant expertise. This is not a job that any lawyer fresh out of the bar can do. Fortunately, the lawyers of Guy Bertrand have had vat experience and will be more than able to support you in such a case!


Bouchard Pagé Tremblay

A dozen lawyers with different areas of practice are employed at the firm Bouchard Pagé Tremblay. Their lawyers are experts in areas such as labor, litigation, real estate, and business. However, one area of the law that separates them from the rest is property law.

This kind of dispute revolves around the rights surrounding land ownership such as real rights including easements, emphyteusis, usufructs, demand for demarcation, acquisitive prescription, etc. While some of these situations are unusual, others occur more frequently. This is particularly the case when it comes to fencing issues! Moreover, in a neighborhood disturbance or a dispute between co-owners, the lawyers at Bouchard Pagé Tremblay would prove to be incomparable allies!


Joli-Coeur Lacasse

Joli-Cœur Lacasse has 3 types of service categories: international, personal, and corporate. Internationally, this firm is able to assist with all legal issues that revolve around immigration law, international dispute resolution, and partnerships with foreign companies. Several allies from various international organizations support Joli-Cœur Lacasse in their practice and this collaboration will serve you well.

On the personal and business side, their lawyers are trained in all traditional areas of law such as family and business and can even help your sole proprietorship get incorporated and draft a shareholders agreement. In short, Joli-Cœur Lacasse is as versatile as it is competent which makes them one of the best in Quebec law!


Tremblay Bois Mignault Lemay Lawyers

This firm is defined by a practice concentrated in 4 fields of expertise: municipal law, business law, insurance law, and medical error cases. These are specialties that are out of the ordinary in large firm but which are certain to find takers with all types of clienteles. The practice of municipal law consists in providing assistance for all legal matters that revolve around the administration of a city such as the issuance of calls for tenders, bids, awarding of contracts, zoning, etc. It is a specialty like medical law.

The Tremblay Bois Mignault Lemay team is a reference in the field when it comes to medical error cases. As we mentioned earlier, such cases are among the most complex in law practice, in addition to having a human side that few legal cases can match. However, you can be sure that you have found competent lawyers in this firm!


Sophie Lafleur Lawyer

An argument involving a point of family law is sure to create a sticky situation. All parties involved are looking for one thing: the best interests of the child. However, not all will agree on what defines the best interests of this child. Whether you are caught up in a divorce case, a request for shared custody, adoption or forfeiture of parental authority, Maître Sophie Lafleur will be able to offer you human expertise at the highest possible level of competence in law.

This renowned lawyer in family law can also support any client who is in a situation requiring the intervention of the Department of Youth Protection (DPJ).


Several law firms specialize in family law, youth, and minors rights.


Lajoie & Pearson Lawyers

Like Lafleur, the Lajoie & Pearson law firm also specializes in family, youth and children’s law. Minors have more rights than some may think, regardless of their age. You would be surprised to learn more about this and it is the role of the lawyers at Lajoie & Pearson to guide you in this area of law.

Whether your case revolves around alimony, custody, divorce, or marriage, their lawyers will help you to the best of their knowledge. There is no lack of legal knowledge at Lajoie & Pearson.


BB Immigration

Immigration has been on the rise in Canada for several years. This is all the more true in Quebec! Such an increase in arrivals inevitably creates a growing need for legal advice on immigration law. Fortunately for these newcomers, BB Immigration lawyers specialize in all legal procedures related to obtaining Canadian citizenship or a challenge to deportation from the country.

The following services are part of the daily life of lawyers at BB Immigration:

  • Applying for a visa to work in Canada
  • Records of loss of permanent resident status
  • Study visa application
  • Canadian citizenship applications

Whether you are caught in a problematic situation or you are simply trying to obtain legal citizenship status, BB Immigration and its lawyers will be able to help you.


Ménard Millard Caux Lawyers

Ménard Millard Caux has demonstrated their expertise in the areas of labor law and social law. In matters of labor law, they are able to assist you in all types of cases. Indeed, whether it is a complaint made under the Act respecting labor standards, the Labor Code or the Civil Code of Quebec, one of their lawyers will know how to get you out of the situation or resolve your case.

Have you been the victim of an unfair dismissal or have your fundamental Charter rights been infringed upon in your workplace? Once again, this firm employs the lawyers you need!

A particular practice also characterizes the Ménard Millard Caux firm, namely that of labor law. It involves initiating recourse in matters of employment insurance, disability, cases involving the CNESST, the SAAQ and other government or para-governmental organizations.


Lévesque Lavoie lawyers

At Lévesque Lavoie, lawyers take a simplified approach to the law by making their services accessible to local businesses. Their main presence is in business and corporate law which allows them to practice in areas such as bankruptcy, corporate restructuring, setting up trusts and estate planning.

Regarding services addressed specifically to businesses, lawyers at Lévesque Lavoie are able to proceed with the incorporation of your business, the settlement of a dispute between shareholders and the drafting of an agreement governing interactions between these same people.

For large “mergers and acquisitions” type transactions, you will have access to the services of a lawyer to perform the due diligence required to complete the transaction. In the end, you will have protected the best interests of your business by retaining the services of a lawyer from this firm!


Quebec legal aid

The legal aid service offered by the Centre communautaire juridique de Québec is made available to low-income people in need of legal assistance. This is a service available to less fortunate citizens in several large cities in the province, including Quebec!

Moreover, almost all areas of rights are covered by lawyers working for legal aid, namely: criminal and penal law, youth law, social law, family law, immigration law and several areas where an offer is relevant for people with limited financial means.

However, to be eligible for a free lawyer provided by the legal aid service, you must have an income below a certain threshold. The scales start at $21,840 in annual income for a single person and end at $35,800 for spouses with 2 or more children!

In addition, in calculating your eligibility, your income, your family and civil situation (children, married, single, etc.), the value of your property, and the list of your assets compared to your liabilities will also be taken into account.

There is no reason to be embarrassed about using legal aid! Access to justice is a widespread problem in society and if you can be spared from this inaccessibility, take advantage of it without hesitation!


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